Industrial panel building

Many businesses still have a lot of to gain when it comes to panel building. Not only due to the use of high quality and safe solutions, but also thanks to long-term cost savings on industrial automation. Improved purchasing power, serial panel building, smart stock management, extensive automation and inexpensive production facilities contribute to the further optimisation of production environments.

You want:

  • reduced costs and standardisation
  • short lead times
  • specific component choice
  • broader knowledge of products and materials
  • the worries taken off your hands

Why opt for Actemium?

  • We are an experienced partner, which possesses the quality certificates.
  • We provide you with a dedicated contact to address all your questions.
  • You can benefit from our low-cost production facilities in Eastern Europe.
  • Actemium puts transparency and flexibility first, also in terms of costs and pricing agreements.
  • We offer you smart Supply Chain Management: our professionals are willing to view every aspect from your perspective.
  • Actemium is a subsidiary of a financially healthy firm, which has substantial purchasing power.
  • Actemium operates internationally and is UL508 certified.

Standard solutions, customisation or serial panel building

Actemium’s professionals make clear agreements with you regarding the manner in which they are to carry out the construction and installation of switchgear cabinets and control panels for you on a project-based and integrated basis. We examine your production process together, then advise you on possible points for improvement. Based on your own operating processes, we apply Supply Chain Management to get the most out of your production environment. Would you benefit from customisation, or is there more to be gained from standard materials or series panel building? Actemium is pleased to examine this issue carefully with you, while we remain entirely independent of any manufacturer. We therefore make the most responsible technical and financial choice of materials from all those available on the market.

Download our brochure on panel building
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